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Teck Pup

Breathe Easy Vest

Breathe Easy Vest

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Introducing Breathe Easy Vest

Safe & Secure Walks for Every Adventure

Is your furry friend a walking wonder or a wiggling escape artist? Our innovative All-in-One Comfort Harness is designed for maximum comfort and control during walks, hikes, or strolls, for both canine and feline explorers!

Here's what makes it special:

  • Escape-Proof Design: Unlike traditional collars that can slip off, our vest-style harness distributes pressure evenly across your pet's chest and shoulders, preventing choking or neck strain. Adjustable straps ensure a snug, comfortable fit that won't budge during walks.
  • Easy On & Off: No more wrestling with tricky buckles! Our harness features a hassle-free step-in design with secure fastening clips. Put it on and take it off in seconds, perfect for impatient pups and kitties.
  • All-Weather Comfort: Breathable mesh lining keeps your pet cool on hot days, while the padded vest provides extra comfort during long walks. Whether it's rain or shine, your pet will be happy and secure.
  • Night time Visibility: Built-in reflective trims ensure your pet is seen during evening walks, keeping them safe in low-light conditions.
  • Stylish & Functional: Our harness comes in a variety of vibrant colours to match your pet's personality. Plus, a handy D-ring attachment lets you easily clip on your leash for secure walks.

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Benefits for you and your pet:

  • Enjoy stress-free walks: Gain control and peace of mind knowing your pet is secure and comfortable.
  • Reduced pulling: The even pressure distribution discourages pulling, making walks more enjoyable for both of you.
  • Improved safety: Reflective trims enhance visibility, keeping your pet safe in low-light conditions.
  • Happy and healthy exploration: The comfortable design allows for unrestricted movement, encouraging a love for outdoor adventures.

Get yours today and experience the joy of confident, comfortable walks with your furry companion!

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Customer Reviews

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Lazaro Blick


Sunny Schmidt

They did not put the name of the pet as I asked them and on top of it they take time to send it

Berniece Boehm

Absolutely perfect design. Great product.

Jackson King


Titus Stracke

Perfektní, sedí as ulitý :-)